Jobs Description

  • Sales Executive Diagnostics
  • May 29, 2018

Sales Executive Diagnostics

Specific Responsibilities
1. Ensure to understand well of all diagnostic products and have willing to learn.
2. Ensure that follow up for any PO effectively in own territory, and accounts receivable on-time.
3. Ensure that must be follow with team’s objective.
4. Strong maintance with all existing clients and try to find more sales opportunities.
5. Ensure to join with any meeting are required from Sales Supervisor or Sales Manager.
6. Ensure that activities report, planning, and Sales funnel are updated to Sales Supervisor by weekly with useful and accurate information.
7. Ensure that have to review sale report every week with team and try for acheivement.
8. Ensure that being a good in teamwork such as: good relationship, trust, good sharing and being a part of team acheivement.
9. Ensure for challenging of market survey, regarding market information and activities of our competitors.
10. Ensure that all internal information such as pricing, sales funnel, planning, strategy needed to be kept very confidencial from our competitors.
11. Ensure that Key Opinion Leaders are identified in own territory.
12. Assist the Logistics team to ensure all sending reagents are reached to client sites in good condition.
13. Ensure to facilitate of reagent delivery to all customers in provinces.

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